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Measuring Conversions

The conversion rate is generally defined as the percent of visitors to a website who do what the company hopes they will do when they get there: fill out a form, make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter and so on. Measuring conversion is typically the cornerstone of any web analytics program, and is important in determining a company's ROI. The ROI, which is the key factor in keeping a business running, is dependent on conversion rate and the conversion rate is dependent on user experience.

The actions that lead site visitors to a purchase or acquisition, to information or to services that reduce overhead (e.g. FAQs page) are the factors you must consider when you measure conversion vs. abandonment. The rate of abandonment is the calculation of the number of potential customers who came to your site and left without completing the intended action. According to, the average online conversion rate is less than 3% - meaning 97% of visitors to a site abandoned it. Perhaps they were confused about what they were supposed to do, had trouble navigating around your site or just didn't like something about your site.

Website conversion optimization goes hand in hand with SEO, and that's what Search Agency does best. It might be worth your while to consider this to improve the conversion rate and elevate your ROI. We can analyze the usability of your site and the effectiveness of your various marketing campaigns and their impact on the conversion rate. We'll use that data to create a campaign that will address the needs of your company and apply strategies to achieve measurable results.

Not sure if you know what your current conversion rates are or think you could benefit from optimization? Give us a call at 1-877-Rank-321 to learn more.

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