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Client Testimonials

"Over the last few years, we've referred dozens of inquiries to Search Agency and always received excellent feedback. From the glowing reviews, it's clear that they provide great value to their customers. Choosing their services is an excellent choice."

Rand Fishkin

I want to thank you and tell you how pleased I am to see my company on the first page of all the major search engines. I am a small businessman in a very competitive market. I am up against some major players. You have helped level the playing field.

JD, you are great to work with. You always display strong and proactive customer service skills. You are responsive to my needs and inquiries. You help me understand seo principles and strategy.

Generally, success in not achieved in a vacuum. I am sure there are a number of other direct and indirect contributors to my project at Search Agency. Please do me a favor and forward this email to your entire organization, beginning with the CEO. Slap each other on the back for me - you deserve it!

Best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and successful New Year!


After an extensive search of SEO firms in 2005, we decided to partner with Search Agency to provide search engine optimization services to our many clients. We had used several different SEO firms over the last 10 years and we always got mixed results. Therefore, we were really hoping Search Agency would produce consistent positive and measurable results for our clients.

I am very pleased to say that Search Agency delivered in a big way! To date we have partnered with them on more than 20 different SEO projects. Our clients are happy with the results they achieved, and we are happy to have a great partner in Search Agency!

- Geoff Wilson, President and CEO
352 Media Group -- Atlanta Web Design
*877) 352-MEDIA --

"Since using Search Agency's services, our page rankings have gone from not even ranked to 1-4 for most keywords. Our advertising expenses have dropped drastically, our traffic from organic searches has increased from 10% to 75% and we've only been using Search Agency's services for about 4 weeks now! We, at Cheap Wholesale Jewelry are very excited and happy to have found Search Agency! The results are absolutely amazing!! Thank you so much Search Agency! You have a loyal customer for life!!"

Cheap Wholesale Jewelry

"We have been working with Search Agency for over a year. In that time we have watched several of our key words rank on Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL. Thanks to the advice and guidance from our account manager at Search Agency we have even seen keywords rank on the first page of these search engines."

Schnader Attorneys at Law

"I have been very impressed with Search Agency up to this point. From the proposal stage, it was clear that you had the greatest expertise and understanding of the alternatives that we considered and we have continued to be very impressed. We are still at the early stages of our program with you, but I am already seeing some of my keywords and phrases appear on the first page of all the major search engines. If the progress continues at this rate, we will be very happy customers indeed."

Blueberry Lake

"We were looking for a company to partner that could help us with our SEO to improve our rankings without breaking the bank. After several failed attempts we found Search Agency; the company offers a number of well defined programs in the SEO to firms with small or larger marketing budgets. Our rankings have steadily improved over the last year."


"I was just sitting in my company's Senior Management Meeting. During the meeting we were discussing where our buyers are coming from and in particular the foreign buyer. The director of our New Development division, talked about how over the past week, several groups from Italy came to the after searching for New York real estate online. Upon landing on our website, they went to our new development section and viewed our Chelsea Stratus project. From that, they set up an appointment and came in and bought one of the units. This was a deal worth in excess of 1 million dollars. We also have interest in purchasing from several other buyers. These leads are a direct result of the SEO campaign that your company is handling for us.

Hearing this made my day and everyone in the room gave me a round of applause for a job well done."

Prudential Elliman

"Thank you so much for a fantastic job.

There is no bigger skeptic than me, especially after being burned by 2 SEO companies. My rankings are incredible. Your work with me has been thorough and I have a learned a lot about how rankings actually work. It has been a pleasure working with your company."


"Fantastic news - we're back up!

Thanks again for your immediate attention. I'll definitely tell my partners what a great job you did."

Carl Peterson
Peterson PM Productions, Inc.

I just wanted to thank you for your assistance today in clarifying our needs to the web design guys. You are always professional and available to give me advice when I need it. Many businesses today fall short when it comes to customer service, but you guys are on top."

Thanks again,

Jeff Blackburn

"Our experience with Search Agency has been fantastic.

We have seen a dramatic increase in our natural rankings on both Google and Yahoo in just 2 weeks! This has equated to hundreds of leads and has allowed us to dial down our PPC expenditures. I would highly recommend Search Agency."

Joseph Cece
AeroCare Medical Transport System, Inc.


Responsive is the one word that best describes Search Agency. When we needed to optimize our site quickly, Search Agency put together a team for us right away. Within two weeks our site was optimized for keyword selection and the natural link building campaign began to show results. It is comforting to know that WSA has the resources to get the job done!"

Michael Welles
EdWel Programs

"I began advertising with Search Agency this year and noticed rapid ranking improvements in all search engines.

My tech skills are limited and the staff took good care of me and guided the project efficiently. I have gotten frequent contact and all discussions are followed through rapidly. I am sure we are now long term customers. I recommend this team wholeheartedly."

Shel Rosburg
ProString Archery

"Thanks team! After working with other SEO companies for over two years I'm glad to report that your group has met my goals within just a couple of weeks.

I am very impressed with your ability to succeed so quickly in such a competitive market."

Roger Rountree
Cadretech, Inc.

" Search Agency is instrumental in increasing the number of pages indexed in the search engines, increasing sales, and always staying persistent to get the job done.

As in any new venture you are skeptical of the new people you are dealing with. I found Search Agency while searching online. I had a web site developed that was getting 3 to 5 orders a day. About a year ago we contracted with a company that copied our site to another domain name. They marketed the site to the point that I was doing 10 to 15 orders a day and losing a lot of money because the marketing effort was too much. I explained my skepticism to Joe Griffin and he assured me that any marketing effort would be done exclusively to our domain which we will always own, and that if I gave him a chance with a small budget he would prove to me that he was for real. After 6 months we are right back to our former levels, and making money. Search Agency is instrumental in increasing the number of pages indexed in the search engines, increasing sales, and always staying persistent to get the job done. We have now committed to quadrupling our advertising budget with Search Agency. Joe has been fair and honest through the entire process and we hope to have a long relationship growing our businesses together."

Bruce Fox
Fox Electric Supply

"My site went from completely unknown to a #1 ranking on one targeted keyword and a #5 ranking on another.

I can highly recommend Joe Griffin and his team. When I first contacted Joe he spent a lot of time educating me about what makes a good SEO firm and the different strategies that should be employed. I felt like I was able to make a better decision going in because of how generous he was with his time.

Over the past several months my site has gone from completely unknown to a #1 ranking on one targeted keyword and a #5 ranking on another, both on Yahoo. That's a very exciting jump for us!

I encourage potential customers to welcome Joe into their circle of advisers. Some ideas he shared with me that I originally interpreted as only salesmanship, turned out to be very valuable investments. So now I've learned to give him the benefit of the doubt. I think you will too."

Frank Ligons
Nothing But Noni, Inc.

"Within weeks of your efforts we have climbed past our previous volume to set record highs never before seen by our company.

I wanted to take moment and pen my thoughts on the service we have received from you. In the past our company has tried three different SEO companies. Each one left us with a bad taste. The approach they used was a generic cookie cutter approach that if ever made aware to Google and other search engines, they would certainly have gotten us banned.

You may have thought then after wasting so much time and a lot of money that we would write off any further attempts as futile. However, being a web based business now for 10 years we have learned that you must be optimized for search engines regardless of your other marketing means. So once again we set out to find an SEO company that could help not just our engine placement but help our site be a better environment for customers as well. By this I mean usable to the customer but very enticing to the search engines. None of those sneaky pages stuffed with keyword rich gibberish that instantly redirect you to a different site or page altogether. Yes those methods do get traffic but eventually it hurts your credibility with the clients. That kind of page stuffing is not what the customers want to see. We were interested in someone teaching us how to make a page the search engines and customers both enjoyed.

From the very beginning the thing that set Search Agency apart was there interest in learning what drove our customer base to purchase. You kept my thoughts and suggestions in mind but also kindly offered suggestions from another viewpoint that was extremely relevant to our cause. There is nothing generic about your efforts. I feel as if you started all over just for M-Tech. With the other companies they simply took some code prewritten and inserted our keywords and had us upload them. No effort was made to understand our market. I know you could have been so much more profitable if you tried it the other way but thank you for being as concerned as we are with not just how much traffic you generate for us but also the quality of the traffic we get.

Our traffic had taken a big hit with the search engines at the time of the big Google change. We dropped to half our normal web volume. Within weeks of your efforts we have climbed past our previous volume to set record highs never before seen by our company. The other companies that charged the same as you have brought in a big ZERO. You however have paid back big time. I know I ramble a bit here but I do so feel passionate about the care you have been putting into our site.

It is as if it were your site not ours that you have been working on.

Bravo and Thank you again."

Jerry Michrina
Sales & Marketing
M-Tech Laptops

"I have experienced a significant increase in my website traffic from the major search engines.

About 6 months ago I contacted Search Agency to promote my site on the search engines. I had tried several other promotion companies and advertising strategies, with little success.

Since I contracted with Search Agency, I have experienced a significant increase in my website traffic from the major search engines, and have achieved many first page placements for my keywords with those engines. Search Agency employees have been very honest and helpful throughout my campaign and I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a dependable SEO company. I have renewed my agreement with Search Agency, as they have proven to me that they are committed to helping me grow my business, and aren't out for a "quick dollar" like so many Internet marketing companies!

Thanks a lot Search Agency!"


"Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with your services.

It looks like my keywords have been ranking really well (having key words ranking on the first page of Google is great). I use to spend hours trying to optimize my web site with little or no success in ranking. As we all know Internet ranking (technology) changes almost on a daily basis, and I like the piece of mind that as things change I have Search Agency watching out for my best ranking placement possible. Thanks again."

Louis Godin

"Although I am only two months into my contract I know something good when I see it! I would like to thank and commend your company and staff. My account, Fabric By Fabrem has been given to Craig Salomon to manage.
I am novice at this although I opened a web site. With Craig's help and input we were able to improve set up our site to help with search engine optimization. Craig has gone above and beyond the call of duty by giving us advice and working with our Webmaster. I am sure all this hard work will result in excellent placement in all major search engines.

When our contract is over and it is time to renew I am sure that due to the business that was driven to our site because of Craig's dedication I will be able to renew our contract with a higher level.
If some of your prospective clients need recommendation, you can give some my e-mail address and I will tell them of how happy I am with your service.

Thanks so much,"

Barb Friedman
Fabric By Fabrem

"Just a quick thanks for your help in submitting our web site Our usage has increased dramatically due to your service.

Thanks once again."

Martin Fowles
Westland Investments

"Wow! I am impressed!! Thank you VERY MUCH!"

Millicent Newmiller

"I just went online this morning and am glad to see placements completed.

Thank you so much."


"Thanks for checking in Joe. Things are going well and Chris has been very attentive to our needs. In fact, we have a conference call this afternoon to finalize some search terms so you guys can begin putting the Meta Tags together. And yes...we are definitely going to do some micro-site pages to attract some industry specific and course-specific searchers. Thanks again and have a great weekend!"

Tom Gaudreau

"I just wanted to drop you a quick thank you for taking care of the meta taglines for me as far as insertion. You and the rest of the support staff have been very helpful in re. to support offered in getting my website launched.

Thank you,"

Fred Forney

"Thank you very much, and I appreciate you spending so much time explaining things to me and helping me to make my business grow. Hopefully we'll get ya down here fishin' someday...

Take care and thanks again..."

Jeff Shelar

"We must tell you that we are very pleased with the latest positioning for Laser Fusion using the keywords, especially laser welding. We are very pleased with your services that you have provided to Laser Fusion as we know with anything new we found you very interested to learn exactly what we do here at Laser Fusion then implement your recommendations to get us results which have proven to us to be very successful. Please keep up the good work and keep us one step ahead of our competition. Update us with any changes and keep submitting us to give us that edge which we now have obtained by utilizing Search Agency.

Thanks again,"

Edward Paro
Laser Fusion

"My boss through AFO has used you for optimizing his website and says it's the best money he's spent. I'd like to use you for our website at . What are your prices/packages? Please respond A.S.A.P. as it's the hunting season and we'd like to get this done as soon as possible.




Congratulations, your progress is impressive. I am grateful that you were persistent in contacting me. I am glad we are your customer. I wonder if there are other services that you could provide. We have not begun, for example, to market in European countries, Australia, or Japan and the orient."

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