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Kentucky: Lexington-Fayette, Louisville

Kentucky Businesses in a Growing Economy

Respectively the “Horse Capital of the World” and the home to the Kentucky Derby, both Lexington and Louisville have strong, diversified economies. Over the years, Lexington has built its economy upon manufacturing, technology and higher education. The city is home to several large corporations, including two Fortune 500 companies. Louisville, on the other hand, has started to establish itself as a major center for health care and medical sciences. It also takes pride in its small, independent restaurants and businesses, which thrive in the busy town. The city also continues as an important hub in the shipping industry, upon which much of its past economy was based.

How SEO Can Help Your Company Improve Its Search Engine Ranking

Whatever Kentucky business sector you're in, there are always ways to improve your company's exposure and, therefore, your client base. As the most popular source of information today, search engines provide company's an excellent chance to show off their services to potential customers. However, having a website is not enough. To be seen, your website needs to appear among the first results on a search engine's list. While a paid advertisement can easily put your company on the top, search engine optimization is a way to improve your website's position within natural results. SEO's results also last a long time, whereas a paid advertisement will only help your company as long as you have a budget for it.

Search engines rank websites according to their relevance and their validity. They use keyword phrases and linking popularity, accordingly, to determine a site's ranking. Keyword phrases are the words used in an Internet search. “Hotel in Lexington, KY,” would be an example. Once a search engine has the phrase, it looks for websites with matching words. Websites with the words get a strong relevance rating for the search.

Once the search engine knows what information a website provides, it checks to see how trustworthy or valid that information is. Linking popularity is used for ranking a site's validity. A site's linking popularity comes from how many external sites have links leading to that site. A site with several links leading to it receives a high credibility ranking. Together with keyword phrases, linking popularity helps websites improve their places on search engine results lists.

Ethical Search Engine Optimization with Long-Term Results

Through ethical SEO techniques, Web.com Search Agency improves companies' search engine rankings and brings long-term results. We focus on each client's needs and gear our SEO towards the goals the client wants to reach. By researching the best industry keywords in a company's region, our SEO brings quality, local traffic to the client's website, which leads to more new customer leads and faithful clients.

To learn more about how SEO can help your company, give us a call at 877-RANK-321. One of our consultants will look over your website, prepare a free, custom proposal and talk with you about what we can do.

To learn more call us at: 877-Rank-321 or 480-949-1810. Or, fill out our request a quote form and we'll research your website and give you a call to discuss our recommendations.

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"I have been very impressed with Web.com Search Agency up to this point. From the proposal stage, it was clear that you had the greatest expertise and understanding of the alternatives that we considered and we have continued to be very impressed. We are still at the early stages of our programme with you, but I am already seeing some of my keywords and phrases appear on the first page of all the major search engines. If the progress continues at this rate, we will be very happy customers indeed."
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