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Louisiana: New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport

SEO – A Simple Solution for Companies in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Shreveport, LA

Tourism plays a large role in the economies of New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Shreveport, LA. The three cities thrive on the revenue visitors bring to the area, with tourism bringing in 40 percent of New Orleans' tax revenues. New Orleans and Baton Rouge are also both homes to active ports. In fact, New Orleans' port is the busiest in the world. In addition, the city also accounts for a large portion of the nation's production of petroleum. It boasts a top 50 research university, and the federal government has a strong presence in the area. Shreveport's economy has become more service-based in recent years. Baton Rouge, likewise, is growing in the health care, finance and insurance industries.

A Look at How SEO Improves Search Engine Rankings

To keep your business competitive with the other Louisiana companies, you need to make sure your company's name is one of the first that potential clients see. Internet search engines can be invaluable tools for businesses wanting to get in front of consumers. However, if your Web page isn't search engine optimized, search engines can also be an easy place to get lost among the crowd of other companies.

Search engine optimization works by making your website easy for search engines to find information and rank it. The ranking assigned to your site determines where your Web page will show up on the results list. Your place on the results list is extremely important, especially considering the fact that most people don't look beyond the first page of search engine results.

When ranking a website, search engines check out two things: keyword phrases and linking popularity. If someone types in “hotel in New Orleans,” the search engines looks for websites containing those keywords. Websites that have them are checked as relevant to the search. Once a search engine has verified a site's relevance, it also checks out its validity. It does this by looking at the site's linking popularity, which is basically the number of websites with links leading to that page. Every outside site that links to your site helps establish that the information on your website is trustworthy. Link building is an SEO tactic used to raise a website's linking popularity.

Ethical SEO with an Experienced Company

With a strong understanding of search engines and how they operate, Web.com Search Agency helps clients everyday to improve their place in search engine results. Through implementation of keywords and link building, we create an ethical SEO solution that keeps bringing our clients results even after search engines change their algorithms. The websites we optimize come from a wide range of business sectors, providing us with the expertise to help companies any field.

To get a free SEO proposal, just call us at 877-RANK-321. One of our skilled team members will look over your website and let you know how we can help improve your website's search engine ranking.

To learn more call us at: 877-Rank-321 or 480-949-1810. Or, fill out our request a quote form and we'll research your website and give you a call to discuss our recommendations.

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"I have been very impressed with Web.com Search Agency up to this point. From the proposal stage, it was clear that you had the greatest expertise and understanding of the alternatives that we considered and we have continued to be very impressed. We are still at the early stages of our programme with you, but I am already seeing some of my keywords and phrases appear on the first page of all the major search engines. If the progress continues at this rate, we will be very happy customers indeed."
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