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The web is a trusted resource for medical information and research. People use the web to find physicians in every field of practice including Lasik, Facial Plastic Surgery, Lipo, Chiro, Augmentation, etc.

With dozens of clients in the health and medical field, we have established itself as one of the top SEO leaders in the health and medical industry. Whether your goal is to increase your number of patients or to sell healthcare products, we have the tools necessary to drive qualified visitors to your site that will help your business succeed. With our proven SEO knowledge of the health and medical field combined with cutting-edge search engine optimization strategies, our services in the industry are unparalleled in today's search world.

More and more people are choosing to use the Internet to fulfill their medical needs. Today's users are seeking professional consultation, local medical practices, healthcare information and products using specific queries in the major search engines more than ever before.

Between 2003 and 2005 the medical and healthcare field saw an increase of 7% of adults who used the Internet to find medical information found from a survey done by the National Institutes of Health. During the same time period, a 14% increase was experienced for Americans seeking online healthcare information for someone else (Warner, J. 2007). The same survey also shows a growing preference toward Internet users to seek out information from a health care provider on the web rather than other sources and these statistics are continuing to grow.

So What Does This Mean?

This growing trend is proof that in order to be competitive in today's health and medical field, industry professionals must adopt current SEO techniques to bring their services to the customer. We are dedicated to putting your site on the first page of all the major search engines and making you the first choice of Internet users when seeking out medical and healthcare information on the web.

Whether you want to appear on the first page of Google for the competitive search query "family doctors", or a more specific search such as "Dallas Texas pharmaceutical specialist", we have the tools and resources necessary to get the job done.

By conducting extensive research in the field and using our experience and expertise, we are able to formulate a strategy that will insure success on the major search engines. Our team of specialists work hard to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your industry to determine what avenues of SEO will produce a positive ROI. Not only do we know what will and will not work, we strive to put together an SEO campaign that fits your budget while returning quality results.

What To Expect

After working with us to increase search engine visibility, medical and healthcare professionals experience a significant increase in their exposure on all major search engines. By doing this, medical organizations are able to tap into millions of potential clients, patients, and customers that, before us, would have never known they were there.

To learn more call us at: 877-Rank-321 or 480-949-1810. Or, fill out our request a quote form and we'll research your website and give you a call to discuss our recommendations.

"Responsive! Responsive is the one word that best describes Web.com Search Agency. When we needed to optimize our site quickly, they put together a team for us right away. Within two weeks our site was optimized for keyword selection and the natural link building campaign began to show results. It is comforting to know that SWS has the resources to get the job done!"
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